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Indestructo Decon Shower


The Indestructo is a highly break resistant portable Decon shower that is constructed of durable ABS pipes and fittings, and specially designed shower heads. The shower is fully collapsible, and assembles with unique quick-connects for fast assembly. Two wind screens help to reduce over-spray and maintain the shower’s effectiveness. The Indestructo Decon Shower meets the flow rates, spray pattern, and other performance characteristics set by the ANSI/ISEA 113-2013 standard.

Technical Specifications

Length (assembled)
Width (assembled)
Height (assembled)
Length (disassembled)
Width (disassembled)
Height (disassembled)
Total Output
Set-Up Time
42 Inches
34 Inches
90 Inches
48 Inches
16 Inches
16 Inches
15 Gallons per Minute
Standard Garden Hose
2-3 Minutes
60 Pounds

System Contents

Indestructo Decon Shower
Handheld Sprayer With 8 Ft. Black Hose
Delta Frame Collection Pool (48 Inches x 40 Inches x 6 Inches)
Elevation Grid
Two Wind Screens
Black Vinyl Carry Bag
Mesh Bag to Hold Wind Screen