Safety Products

Decon Privacy Corridor System


The shower system includes Standard Decontamination Shower System with 4 foot by 8 foot collection pool, corridor enclosure, and carries bags. The addition of a tailored, heavy-duty enclosure creates a system of three private chambers for each stage in the decontamination process. In this 3 stage Decon system, patients disrobe and prepare for showering in stall one, shower in stall two, then proceed to stall three to dry off. They then don a patient gown and prepare for further treatment or transport. Roof panels allow light into the corridor for safety every step of the way.

Technical Specifications

Length (assembled)
Width (assembled)
Height (assembled)
Length (disassembled)
Width (disassembled)
Height (disassembled)
Set-Up Time
12 Feet
4 Feet
7 Feet
74 Inches
9 Inches
9 Inches
Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Vinyl
3-4 Minutes
271 Pounds

Product Contains

Standard Decontamination Shower
4 Foot by 8 Foot Standard Collection Pool
Two Elevation Grids
Three-stall Vinyl Enclosure
PVC Supports
Vinyl Carry Bags for Shower and Enclosure