Fall Protection Equipment Inspections & Re-Certification


Our qualified and certified technicians will inspect, maintain, and re-certify self-retracting lifeline units on site which will significantly reduce turnaround time. Additionally, this service will help minimize losses of productivity and eliminate any shipping costs. We also inspect Harnesses, Lanyards, Tripods, Davit Arms, Lifelines, Rope Grabs, Tie-off Adapters, Anchor Points, and Horizontal Lifelines.

RoofGuard Railing Systems

Here at Hamisco, we offer the installation of a free-standing railing system that eliminates potential hazards and falls on roof tops. This system can be quickly and easily installed.  It does not penetrate the roof membrane. This Roof Guard System uses attached counterbalance weights and can be configured to handle almost any hazard.  The Roof Guard Classic meets and exceeds OSHA Standards, National Building Codes, Ontario Building Codes, and Ontario Regulations. 


RoofGuard System Benefits:
  • 1. No welding
  • 2. Drilling
  • 3. No roof penetration to cause leaks
  • 4. Corrosion-resistant aluminum pipes and fittings
  • 5. Easy to intall
  • 6. Customized to ANY rooftop
  • 7. Zero maintenance once installed
  • 8. Engineered stamped drawings available upon request