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Propane Water Heater


ZUMRO on-demand tankless gas water heaters provide a continuous supply of hot water, only heating the water needed, cutting water heating costs up to 50%, this unit is 80-83% efficient. The compact design of the ZUMRO 9952 tankless gas water heater delivers 5.8 GPM at a 54 F° rise. Gas is only consumed when water is being heated. The heater is compact, easily wheeled to needed locations, may be used in outdoor environmental conditions. Included is an adjustable handle with cord wrap. Energy efficient, and electronic ignition system grants significant savings. Rich, lean design of the burned produces minimum nitrous oxides. Main controls can be set to exact water temperatures. System uses a sensor to maintain a constant outgoing water temperature. Endless loop of input and output control ensures a stable flow of hot water. All connections are ¾ inches quick connect fittings.


Hot Water Capacity
Maximum Hot Water Temperature
Gas Consumption
10 3/4 Inches
14 1/4 Inches
32 1/8 Inches
90.5 Pounds
5.8 GPM
54 F°
Liquified Petroleum Gas
180,000 BTUh 2.5 Inches WC
20,000 BTUh 0.4 Inches WC