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Quick Response Shower System


The Quick Response Shower System is constructed for durability to withstand frequent training, and compact enough to fit in a portable carry bag. The shower assembles quickly with unique quick-connects, has a fully collapsible design, and stores and transports in a vinyl carry bag. The system includes the Quick Response Shower, Compact Collection Pool, and Elevation Grid. The Quick Response Decon Shower meets the flow rates, spray pattern, and other performance characteristics set by the ANSI/ISEA 113-2013 standard.

Technical Specifications

Length (assembled)
Width (assembled)
Height (assembled)
Length (disassembled)
Width (disassembled)
Height (disassembled)
Total Output
43 Inches
47 Inches
89 Inches
49 Inches
16 Inches
10 Inches
10 Gallons per Minute
90 Pounds

System Contents

Quick Response Shower
Vinyl Carry Bag
Compact Collection Pool
Elevation Grid
Ground Stakes and Straps