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Diesel Water Heater


The new Diesel Powered Water Heater now available from ZUMRO, Inc. combines instant, continuous on-site water heating capabilities with compact size and light weight. Mounted in a powder coated, steel cage with large wheels and wheelbarrow style handles the unit is easily transported anywhere on the emergency scene. The heater has an adjustable thermostat so water temperature can be adjusted during use. The heater provides hot water instantaneously; however, it contains about 5 gallons of water in its system resulting in minimal temperature fluctuation. With an approximate dry weight of around 110 Lbs. this is the lightest diesel powered heater on the market today.


Length (non-mounted)
Width (non-mounted)
Height (non-mounted)
Length (mounted)
Width (mounted)
Height (mounted)
Weight (empty)
Weight (filled)
Fuel Tank Capacity
Heat Rise
Temperature Adjustment Range
Maximum Water Pressure
Electric Ignition Requirement
Fuel Consumption Rate
Fuel Type
23 Inches
13 Inches
28 Inches
32 Inches
29 Inches
34.5 Inches
110 Pounds
190 Pounds
5 Gallons
30 Degree Rise ~ 8 to 10 GPM
70 to 130 F°
148,000 British Thermal Unit
150 Pounds per Inch
110 Volts at 140 Watts
~ 1 Gallon / Hour
#2 Diesel Fuel
88% Min.