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Standard Decon Shower System


The Standard Decontamination System includes the shower, collection pool, and elevation grids. It is the industry’s leading stand-alone solution, offering quick set-up, victim privacy, thorough decontamination, and easy clean up. This shower can be configured to accommodate fully, semi, and even non-ambulatory victims. The shower offers quick assembly with unique quick-connects, has a fully collapsible design, stores and transports in two vinyl carry bags, and has a privacy enclosure with translucent roof for privacy and safety. Read the review for the Standard Decontamination Shower in the FEMA Technical Decontamination Support Systems Assessment Report. The Decon shower received the highest evaluator scores in capability, usability, affordability, and maintainability, and the highest composite score of all Decon showers reviewed.

Technical Specifications

Length (assembled)
Width (assembled)
Height (assembled)
Length (disassembled)
Width (disassembled)
Height (disassembled)
Set-Up Time
Total Output
42 Inches
36 Inches
84 Inches
74 Inches
27 Inches
27 Inches
Standard Garden Hose
3-4 Minutes
12 Gallons per Minute
207 Pounds

System Contents

Standard Decontamination Shower
Standard Collection Pool
Elevation Grid (2)
Vinyl Enclosure
Handheld Sprayer With 8 Ft. Hose
Vinyl Carry Bags For The Shower (2)
Ground Stakes and Ground Straps