Safety Products

Model #400


The Model 400 is popular among airport security to house large groups of people if they need to be shuttled off a plane, it can hold up to 75 people. The 400 is a large tent that is great in harsh weather conditions. The 400 can go weeks without being re-inflated. Durable in extreme weather, and temperature. Designed with multiple lateral roof support beams, fully integrated beam joints and a short span between arch sections providing extra strength.


Width (interior)
Height (interior)
Floor Space
Width (exterior)
Height (exterior)
Deployment Space
Stored Length
Stored Width
Stored Height
Stored Cubic Size
Average Set-Up Time
Approximate Wind Resistance
Approximate Roof Load
Roof Load per Unit Measure
21 Feet
19 Feet 1 Inch
9 Feet
401 Square Feet
20 Feet 4 Inches
9 Feet 7 Inches
428 Square Feet
260 Pounds
48 Inches
26 Inches
16 Inches
19 Cubic Feet
~5 Minutes
50 Miles per Hour
2000 Pounds
5.9 Pounds per Square Foot