Safety Products

Soap Injector


Adjustable Soap Injector provides a simple way to inject soap directly in line during the decontamination process. Inductor is connected to inline water source. Once connected, set the needle to desired soap consistency depending on your protocol. The kit works well with the ZUMRO Decon shower system and operates with water flows between 1 and 8 gallon per minutes. Each kit comes complete with 5-gallon multipurpose tank, quick-connect hose with tank adapter assembly and convenient carry handle. DO NOT USE WITH BLEACH.


Inlet Flow
Outlet Flow
Max. Pressure
Shipping Weight
8.5 Inches
15 Inches
11 Inches
1 Gallon Per Minute
8 Gallon Per Minute
150 Pounds per Square Inch
5 Gallon Multi-Purpose Tank
15 Kilograms