Safety Products

Hydrant Manifold


This aluminum hydrant manifold is mounted on legs for easier access and stability. There are two input lines; one for soap and one for rinse. There are eight outputs, four for each input line. All GHT are equip with quick-connects for plug and play. The manifold runs off a fire hydrant or fire truck with the ability to equip multiple manifolds can be linked together to run off one source. The manifold comes with two 12 inch long lead hoses.


Length (block)
Width (block)
Height (block)
Mount (legs)
Length (total)
Width (total)
Height (total)
Number of Outputs
8 Inches
3 Inches
1.5 Inches
1.5 Inches – Aluminum
11 Inches
7 Inches
3 Inches
8 Water Outputs
10 Pounds