Safety Products

RS1 1″ & RS2 2″



RS1 – 1″ is capable of sealing a rupture from a 1/8 inch to 1 inch.
RS2 – 2″ is capable of sealing a rupture from a 1/4 inch to 2 inch.

General Information

The RuptureSeal™ products are designed to assist in stopping leaks from accidental ruptures. They are not designed to protect the operator from flammable, hazardous or caustic liquids. It is recommended that proper personal safety equipment be worn when using this product. It is the responsibility of the operator to assess each situation for hazards. Avoid using The RuptureSeal™ products in situations that may be hazardous to the operator or the public. RuptureSeal™ products are designed for single use only.

Performance Capabilities

The RuptureSeal has been tested on a 40 ft. high tank to 40 ft. of head pressure or 16 psi. The RuptureSeal™ literally takes 2 seconds to deploy to seal the leak. Taking 2 seconds using the RuptureSeal™ to plug the leak in the beginning, will save you hours of clean up as well as the cost and impact of a highway or accident scene being shut down for hours. Thereby, reducing the environmental impact, fines, cleanup costs and civil litigation through insurance claims. Both devices are temporary measures intended to last upwards of 10 hours in the rupture. RuptureSeal products have best used by dating of 3 years. RuptureSeal™ products have been designed and tested to operate successfully in environments with a direct temperature range between -50 Celsius and +50 Celsius. It is the responsibility of the operator to know the temperature of the incident area and to not attempt deployment beyond the stated temperature abilities.

Pressure Capacity

Pressure in this instance being defined as the pressure relevant to the local atmospheric or ambient pressure at the point of the rupture. The RuptureSeal™ products have been designed to operate at pressure up to 16 psi. It is always the operators responsibility to fully understand, both positive and negative pressure affects, and to operate the RuptureSeal™ products within their stated range.