FlexiGuard™ Trailer Mount System


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Trailer Mount System with 10 ft. – 21.5 ft. (3.0m – 6.6m) adjustable height anchor height and 4.5 ft. (1.4m) anchor offset, DOT rated.

3M DBI-SALA Flexiguard Catalog Rev E

Product Highlights:

  • DOT rated for ease of transport
  • Trailer mounted overhead anchorage system
  • 2-User rated system
  • Equipped with two shock absorbing arms
  • 10 ft. – 21.5 ft. (3.0m – 6.6m) height adjustable anchor
  • Heavy duty system design
  • Integrated lifting mechanism for anchorages
  • 7,000 lb. (3,175 kg) capacity jacks
  • Designed for Class III hitch receivers
  • Optional Accessories Available